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Our strategy is to 


By questioning all significant purchases we simply create less waste and save money. It's also the best method for keeping our earth clean. Why? Because it stops the problem at the source.


We find a new use for items that someone might consider throwing away. If we can't reuse the items, we donate them to art schools for upcycle purposes or offer them to charity shops.


Recycle everything we can. If our waste can not be minimized or reused, it will be recycled, instead of sent straight to a landfill for potential energy recovery.


We simply take something we are no longer using and alter it for another more practical use. Think, mason jar into smoothie cup or pallet into shelving unit.


We inspire people by showing how much fun it can be to live - and celebrate - sustainable. 

Want to know more about how we do it?

We are transforming event production by sourcing environmentally friendly materials


We are inspired by finding ways to incorporate beautiful, sustainable experiences while bringing joy to people’s lives. 

We are happy people, who love and care about the future of our planet and those who live on it.

We are setting a new standard of mindfulness from start to finish


Making Dreams Come True

 As a young adult living in Germany I started to become aware of the extent and impact that the Global Climate Crisis was having and is going to continue to have on my life and that of those around me. This concern has occupied me ever since, leading to my desire to carve out a career path that would allow me to raise awareness of and educate others on this issue. Rather than focus on what we have to cut and do less of, I am inspired by finding ways to incorporate environmental mindfulness into people’s lives while at the same inspiring them and bringing joy to them.


I strongly believe that we should keep our dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Sometimes, we must do the impossible in order to get where we want to be, but giving up is never an option.

Kindness is the key.

Marine Green
Founder & CEO

Turning a Vision into Reality

 Denis loves building structures and strategies. His goal is to align all the resources to achieve thehighest value of the company. He is a man of character and determination. His dream is to teach ecology for children around the world.

Denis Popov
Business Development

Innovate for Good

An enduring passion for global travel has become Maya's lens for sustainability and social responsibility. She is dedicated to intersecting her passion for diversity and innovation to develop strategic alliances and enable others to embrace and initiate change. With previous experience in the United States Congress, L'Oréal USA, and the financial services industry she hones her diverse expertise and makes the most serendipitous connections!

Maya Dantzler
Public Relations

Every Drop in the Ocean Counts

Dasha specializes in Sustainable Development and Climate Change. Her strong influence increases awareness of the importance of the need to respect nature and its limits on the day-to-day basis. As a passionate & hard-working activist, she thrives succesfully from operating in several eco-projects such as Eco-Camp, Zero Waste & Sustainability Online School, as well as her podcast channel about Climate Change.

Dasha Check
Overseas Adviser & Content Provider

Putting Love into Every Detail

Masha loves the event planning process and helping people express themselves through all the details. She is a creative and happy altruist, who's goal is to make people enjoy the spectrum of the eco-lifestyle.

Maria Tsurik
Project Manager

In order to take bigger actions, companies need to support each other

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